A story based on Celtic culture and a sacred tree

Our story begins thousands of years ago, in an age in which the priests of that time, known as druids, did not have the luxury of large buildings or temples… their sacred place was the forest, and more concretely, a tree: the OAK TREE.

The role of druids in Celtic culture was decisive. They led the religious acts and celebrations, and they acted as consultants to the leaders of their time in judicial and legislative matters, as well as mediation with other tribes.

All this occurred in their sacred forests, although these were not only reserved for meetings and celebrations. The druids used to climb the oaks equipped with golden sickles in search of mistletoe, a plant found on oaks that was considered by the druids as a type of philosophers’ stone, as within this plant they found several cures for illness.

Since then, the transformation and importance of the oak has continued throughout many civilizations, transforming them into a symbol and emblem of the land that today welcomes Hoteles Desconecta2: EXTREMADURA.

hotel desconexión

The oak tree

A life of source for Extremadura

Extremadura would not be Extremadura without the oak tree. Thanks to this tree, life flows throughout the natural paradise that covers this land.

This relationship between nature, life, and human beings begins in its meadows, old and thinned out oak groves. In these lands, the oak trees avoid the erosion of the soil and allow, under their protective shade, other plants to seed and grow.

Extremadura is a territory rich in water, and in this the oak trees play the vital role of distributing water in this sun-blessed region, gathering water from the very depths of the earth to bring it up to the surface.

Extremadura is a uniquely suited ecosystem for the rearng of Iberian pigs, but also for diverse fauna, birds like the tawny owl, the goldfinch, and the hoopoe, as well as mammals like the common genet and rabbits.

In spring, the oaks are adorned with a small yellow flower known as la flor de la Candela, without which the grasslands’ star fruit, the ACORN, could not exist.

This fruit falls to the ground while the pigs graze freely; later, this happy meeting will give rise to one of the most garlanded delicacies of the world: Iberian acorn-fed ham.

Through this exceptional gastronomic product, the true protagonists of our story (our guests) can taste the exquisiteness of our land.

hotel con piscina

A place to reconnect

Return to our essence

The story of Hoteles Desconecta2 begins with a clear objective: we need to stop and be conscious of how to RECONNECT with nature and with ourselves.

The druids showed us how we are an inseparable part of nature. But as modern human beings, we have progressively strayed away from nature.

In the working world of today, hyperconnectivity and information overload have eliminated many of the subtleties of human relationships, taking with them many of the moments and experiences that make life and the world something special. For this reason, for many of us “reconnecting” is a necessity, finding those moments to pause and find ourselves together. This pause, to repair and take care of ourselves, is the only way to force ourselves to stop, to make ourselves conscious of the fact that everything we really want, and everything that really matters was already there…

At Hoteles Desconecta2, we are witnesses to Celtic culture, following in their respect for nature and the great oak to transform ourselves into the ideal place to pause and reconnect with oneself and to enjoy the maximum peace and tranquility in a 100% sustainable way and in symphony with nature.